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DoReMi Garage Door Repair St. Paul, MN

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Garage Door Framing

St. Paul


Review: My son and his crazy friends were playing in the driveway the other day and one of the ATVs they were driving ran through the garage door. Not only was the car inside damaged on the rear, but the garage door framing was pretty damaged. I called someone out to fix it and they were on it right away. I was surprised I was not overcharged for this service since they did a great job and did it quickly.

Thanks for the kind words. We care more about customers than we do about the bottom line, It is really that simple.

Service: New Garage Door Motors
Product: Garage Door

preview Joyce S. Joyce S.

Garage Door Extension Springs Repair

St. Paul


Review: DoReMi repair man was very professional, he showed up in time to our appointment for the garage door extension spring repair. He was very engaging, knowledgeable and was able to show me some very great options for my garage door extension spring repair.

Thank you Jim for taking your time to give DoReMi Door such a great review.We are also glad that you were pleased by the professionalism of our technician, we will let him know of your regards.I am sure he would really value it. Never hesitate to contact us in future in case of any eventuality.

Service: Garage Door Extension Springs
Product: Extension Springs

preview Elaine F. Elaine F.

Garage Door Security Installation

St. Paul


Review: This is the second time in less than two weeks to engage the services of DoReMi. The first time, I wanted my garage door spring replaced. The second time I wanted garage door parts for my garage door. I noticed the door had leaned on one side. This affected the garage door security. The door parts I bought from DoReMi were great. They fitted well to my garage door.

Thank you for choosing DoReMi. We appreciate hearing from you and delighted to know the garage door parts fitted well.

Service: Garage Door Security
Product: Garage Door

preview Billy S. Billy S.

Broken Spring Replacement

St. Paul


Review: One of the springs in my garage door broke a few weeks back. I was worried about paying for a broken spring replacement since I am not exactly rolling around in cash. After calling around and getting a few quotes, this company had the most reasonable rates. Add this to the fact that they came out to complete the repair right away and they did an efficient job. I will definitely call them if I need help at a later date.

Customer satisfaction is our specialty. We are glad that we were there to help. Feel free to call us when you need.

Service: Broken Spring Replacement
Product: Spring

preview Wilma A. Wilma A.