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DoReMi Garage Door Repair Haverhill, MA

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Garage Door Panel Repair Service



Review: My panel is in a bad shape after my friend accidentally hit it when he is about to park his car. I called this company to set an appointment and I was glad that they responded promptly. Had my garage door panel repaired and they were able to finish it on the time they quoted. I couldn't be happier. Thanks

We are glad you are happy with the services we provided. Don't hesitate to call us again. Thank you.

Service: Garage Door Panel Repair
Product: Panel

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Garage Door Replacement Service



Review: Glad to have my garage door finally replaced. This company had provided all of my needs for the garage door replacement. They have used their sophisticated tools and took some safety precaution. Efficient workers and had a pleasing personality. Great results I highly recommend this company to others.

Our company strives to provide everything our customer need. We're glad that you are satisfied with the service that our company had provided.

Service: Garage Door Replacement
Product: Garage Door

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