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DoReMi Garage Door Repair Aventura, FL

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Garage Door Styles Installation



Review: When I first called them, they told me they had different options of garage door styles I could choose from. I thought it was going to be easy, but I ended up being overwhelmed with the many options. They then helped me choose one that worked best for my garage door and within my budget. I am happy with the garage door style I choose because it looks amazing and works perfectly.

Having a wide range of options ensures you get an option that works best for you. Give us a call if you have any problem with your garage door in the future, and we will be there.

Service: Garage Door Styles
Product: Styles

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Garage Door Cable



Review: I recently installed a new garage door, so I was surprised when I realized there was a problem with the garage door cable. I called this company and they did the garage door cable repair, and now my garage door is working great. I wish I had known about them when I was installing a new garage door. I would happily recommend this company to anyone with a garage door problem.

We are glad you liked the quality of the services you got. We always put our customers first, and this is why feedback like this is important to us.

Service: Garage Door Cable Repair
Product: Cable

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Broken Spring Replacement



Review: My son was trying to open the garage door last week, then he heard a loud sound. It turns out the spring has broken. We called them and asked them what needed to be done and they said they had to come to my home and do a replacement. They gave me the quote for a broken spring replacement, and I was happy because I was not going to spend a lot of money. They fixed the problem and now my garage door is working perfectly.

We have fair pricing and quality services for our customers. Give us a call any time you need help with your garage door.

Service: Garage Door Spring Repair
Product: Spring

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