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DoReMi Garage Door Repair Maple Grove, MN

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Garage Door Motor Installation

Maple Grove


Review: You should be cautious when buying new garage door motors. Don't forget to buy the motor from a reliable garage door company in the area. In fact, you may find a host of such services in the area. But all of these companies are not the same. There are many cheap companies that sell low-quality garage door motors. I recommend ABC garage door company for all your garage door motors. They offer some of the best quality motors at affordable prices. That is why you should call them right now.

Thank you. We offer quality garage door motors at affordable prices.

Service: New Garage Door Motors
Product: Motor

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Garage Door Security Installation

Maple Grove


Review: For the time in a row, burglars have broken into my garage and stole valuables worth of dollars. A part of the huge repair bills, I had to meet the cost of replacing the stolen goods. I could not withstand this anymore. I said to myself enough is enough and sought the services of DoReMi Door. DoReMi gave me some recommendations to enhance my garage door security. I implemented the recommendations and my door is now temper proof!

Thank you for using our services. DoReMI has its clients at heart. It strives to provide the best garage door services in the market. You can always contact whenever you need our services. We are glad to have you as our client.

Service: Garage Door Security
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Adjustment

Maple Grove


Review: I was in the process of selling my home when something happened to the door of my garage. The last thing I wanted was for buyers to get the idea I was trying to sell them a piece of crap. After calling this company and having someone take a look, it was determined that I needed a garage door adjustment. They took care of it right away and I am happy to say the house sold not too long after that. Thanks a bunch!

You are welcome. Hopefully, you will continue to call us when you are at your new place.

Service: Garage Door Adjustment
Product: Garage Door

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