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DoReMi Garage Door Repair Minneapolis, MN

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Garage Door Motor Replacement



Review: It was the best company I worked with so far. Well trained technician arrived on my place to replaced my garage door motor. He fixed perfectly and secure everything, it was smoothly working garage door motor again. The best deal and no criticism nor concern with the service, it was great and recommendable. Thank you.

We are happy that we have been of service to you. We strive to do our best to satisfy the customer at all times.

Service: Garage Door Motor Repair
Product: Motor

preview Jason L. Jason L.

Garage Door Maintenance Service



Review: Maintenance is something I have always taken seriously as a property owner, and dealing with this company is more better because they were professional and well skilled workers. It is something I take the time to learn more about and with the garage door, it was always going to come down to someone in the know. The ability to work quickly helped with my schedule. This is an elite team with modern techniques and affordable service fee as well that rely on in the future needs. Thank you.

Garage door maintenance is all about professionalism and it's something we strive for! It's always nice to learn about pleasant experiences with our clients as that's what we stand for!

Service: Garage Door Maintenance Service
Product: Garage Door

preview Dianna T. Dianna T.

Garage door Spring Repair



Review: It was Excellent and the service was efficient. From the beginning to end the process smoothly and secure. He was very knowledgeable and friendly technician. You really did a great job on replacing my garage door spring at reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Thanks for your kind words. We are really glad that you are satisfied with our work.

Service: Garage Door Spring Repair
Product: Spring

preview Aldrich A. Aldrich A.

Garage Door Installation



Review: I needed to hire a company for garage door installation and several of my friends recommended this company. I am so glad I chose to hire them. They worked quickly to get my garage doors installed and did a wonderful job! Their prices were great too. Overall, I am very satisfied with their work.

Thanks for such kind words. It's great to know that our company was recommended by your friends and you were pleased with our service. We strive for excellence and glad we followed through and met your expectations!

Service: Garage Door Installation
Product: New Door

preview David L. David L.

Garage Door Panel Replacement



Review: I needed to get my garage door panel replaced and started asking around about companies that do this work. A few of my co-workers recommended DoReMi Door for the job. I got their number and called them to see when they were available for the job. I was able to get an appointment the next day with them to replace my garage door panel. They did the job quickly and didn't overcharge for their services. I am definitely saving their number in case I run into any other issues with my garage doors.

Great to hear such positive feedback! We strive to make our customers happy!

Service: Garage Door Panel Repair
Product: Panel

preview Thanh G. Thanh G.

Garage Door Openers Repair



Review: I was looking for a garage door openers repair company to replace the garage door opener in my garage. One of my friends recommended a reputable company in the area. In fact, they did a splendid job in replacing the garage door opener and repairing the door. That is why I don't have any problem in recommending their services to anyone who wants a reputable and experienced garage door repair company in the area.

Thank you Hui. We offer a wide range of garage door services to our customers in the region. The quality of our services is highly rated by the customers in the area.

Service: Garage Door Openers Repair
Product: Openers

preview Hui M. Hui M.

Garage Door Spring Repair



Review: I was in search of a company that fixes garage doors and after searching around, I decided to hire this company. I called to see when they would be available to take a look at my garage door and they were able to come to my home a few hours after I called. They quickly found the issue and fixed it. I am so happy I hired this company for garage door spring repair!

Thanks for your kind words! We love to hear what our customers have to say!

Service: Garage Door Spring Repair
Product: Spring

preview Aaron R. Aaron R.

Garage Door Cable Repair



Review: I was having some issues with my garage door and I decided to hire DoReMi Door company after reading such great reviews about them online. I called them up and explained my problem and they were able to send someone over to take a look at it the same day. They determined what the issue was and immediately started working on my garage door cable repair. They got it done quickly and my garage door is in working order again!

Thanks for the positive feedback. DoReMi Door strives to work quickly and efficiently to fix any issues our customers have.

Service: Garage Door Cable Repair
Product: Cable

preview Charles H. Charles H.